All Star Flamenco Guitar With Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola And John McLaughlin

In my search for performances in the Flamenco guitar style, I came across a live performance from guitarists Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin. All three are outstanding guitarists, and together they perform extraordinarily well. I thought this video is one that you might enjoy as well. Seeing as how the guitar […]

Rock Guitarist Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz may as well have been considered the King of Rock in the 1990s. In a decade of major changes, Lenny gained most of his popularity by staying true to the classic rock elements of music. Today he’s still hitting the scene hard with his music, which has elements of rock, funk, soul and […]

Dan Tyminski On Playing Bluesgrass Guitar

For many people who aren’t too familiar with bluesgrass music, there’s a good chance they might have enjoyed a taste of that music if they saw the Cohen Brothers movie, “O Brother Where Art Thou.” In the movie, many of the great bluegrass musicians came together to record the film’s soundtrack which would go on […]

Buddy Guy Is Still Teaching The Younger Players How To Play The Blues

Buddy Guy, a blues guitar legend in his own right, has taken on the challenge of influencing the next generations on the blues. One of the superstars to take Guy’s lessons to heart is Jonny Lang. Lang and Guy have appeared together several times on stage and both have something to say on the guitar. […]

Back To The Roots Of Songwriting With Mumford & Sons

One of the more refreshing bands to hit the popular music scene has been the British band Mumford & Sons. Whether or not you’re a fan of the music they create, I consider the group to be refreshing since the songs they write are carried by good lyrics, passionate performances, and real instruments. There has […]

Pat Metheny’s Classic Jazz Album “Bright Size Life”

I thought it would be cool to look at a specific landmark album in jazz music history. Pat Metheny is considered to be one of the great jazz guitarists today, still active with several groups including two or three of his own. One of his albums has gone down in music history as one of […]

Gear Talk: Albert King And The Gibson Flying V

The Gibson Flying V is a guitar like no other. And there are many great guitarists that have helped this instrument reach climb the ranks of popularity with fans all around the world. One of the most predominant users of the Gibson Flying V was Albert King. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on […]

Gear Talk: Snark Guitar Tuner

Just recently I was in the market for a new clip on guitar tuner because I didn’t want to keep using my pedal, so I did a little research. A few of my good friends told me about the line of Snark guitar tuners so I went and checked them out, and now that I’ve […]

A Little Gypsy Guitar Lesson

The Gypsy guitar style has become famous around the world for blazing fast rhythm and lead parts. I’ve spent a lot of time watching videos that offer little tricks for playing Gypsy guitar and there’s always quite a bit of work I need to do before I can get a handle on the style. Needless […]

Eric Clapton And Mark Knopfler With An Intimate Performance Of Layla

Today, I just wanted to share a cool little video featuring Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler (known mainly as the co-founder of Dire Straights) performing Clapton’s “Layla” together. “Layla” is a great, classic song that’s been popularized as an electric song and in this more intimate acoustic vibe. Both versions are pretty stellar, but today […]