Famous Burned Jimi Hendrix Guitar From 1967 Sold At Auction

If you’re in a position to buy one of the guitars set on fire by Jimi Hendrix for almost $380K, then you just missed your chance. Jimi’s alleged guitar that was burned at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival has recently sold for that amount of money. It just goes to show that Jimi Hendrix is […]

Exclusive Interview With Billy Gibbons And Dan Auerbach Of The Black Keys

Guitar World recently released an awesome article featuring an interview with Billy Gibbons and Black Keys’ guitarist Dan Auerbach. It seems the two have been friends for some time now as they recollect on their experiences together in the past. This interview, by Ted Drozdowski, includes conversation about their individual projects, their shared guitar influences, […]

How To Give Your Guitar A New Look

I came across a video recently with a couple of guitars painting their own custom guitar. I’ve never heard of guitars being painted this way, but it sure looks cool. There aren’t any directions on buying the necessary supplies on the video but I’m sure if you visited their website you could find out a […]

New Guitar Exhibit Open At Science Museum Of Virginia

If you’re anywhere near Virginia, or plan to visit very soon, I suggest a stop at the Science Museum of Virginia for their new exhibit called “Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked The World.”  Anytime someone has a chance to celebrate this wonderful musician, he or she has my full endorsement.  I came across an article […]

The First 3D Printed Guitar By Scott Summit

Technology and music is made huge strides forward with Scott Summit of Bespoke Innovations.  Summit produced one of the first 3D printed guitars that actually sounds pretty good for fused plastic.  I came across an article featuring Summit and his new guitar that I thought it would be fun to share with you.  This is […]

An Affection For Building Guitars With J.W. Wasylik

I find it interesting to research and share information regarding guitar builders, or luthiers.  I recently came across a luthier and guitar aficionado named J.W. Wasylik.  Wasylik has a deep love for the guitar and has utilized his skill of woodworking to create classic guitars from the inside out.  I found out about Wasylik from […]

How To Mix Your Guitar For Recordings

Obviously, recording is a huge part of playing music professionally.  It’s important to lay down your music to share with the masses, and because of that you want to make sure your guitar sounds good.  Mixing is a huge part of the recording process.  It helps shape the sound of the album and goes hand […]

The Positive Impact Of Music On The Life Of A Family

I came across a great, inspirational story of a family and the bond created in it by a grandfather and his guitar.  The story was shared at News Chief by columnist Mike Grogan and I thought it to be a special story for anyone that plays guitar.  The story is a wonderful example of the […]

Rare Jimi Hendrix Interview In 1970 With A Live Performance Of “All Along The Watchtower”

Jimi Hendrix has easily become one of the most popular guitarists in the history of the instrument.  Jimi, although not with us any longer, was popular at a time when the electric guitar took on a whole new role and responsibility in rock music, and the media was there to capture it all.  I found […]

Steve Vai Talks About The Three Guitars On His Bucket List To Play

Steve Vai helped usher in a completely new style of guitar shredding and playing that has inspired millions of people to pick up an axe and start jamming.  I came across an article recently from Ultimate Guitar where Vai talks about the three guitars on his bucket list that he would like to play.  I […]