How To Fly On A Plane With Your Guitar And Guarantee Its Survival

More recently, we’ve all been hearing tragic stories of guitars being damaged by airline companies¬† because sites like YouTube have made it really easy to spread news all over the globe. But the truth is, it’s been happening ever since guitarists started flying in commercial planes. So what are some of the things you can […]

Country Artist Joe Ely Reunited With His Guitar Stolen 27 Years Ago

Sometimes there are happy endings in the business, and for Joe Ely it’s looking like he’s going to get a small taste of one. 27 years ago one of his custom guitars was stolen, and it sounds like it was definitely unique. The theme of the solid body electric guitar was billiards, with pool ball […]

How To Purchase An Electric Guitar

I just recently came across a great video about purchasing a new guitar. RobChappers, founder of Chapman Guitars and endorser of Anderton’s Guitars in the UK, put together an extensive buying guide video for beginners through advanced players with buying tips to keep in mind when you go into a buy a guitar. The video […]

New Ways To Get Your Recording Project Off And Running

So I’ve had several musician friends try to get their new recording projects funded by running online fundraisers. At first I was pretty skeptical of it, but then I turned around and gave them some money myself. So I wanted to dig a little deeper into the idea and share some of the information I […]

Essential Tips For Finding The Right Weight And Size Guitar

Buying a guitar can and should be a very special and passionate process. It’s the reason you find players at guitar shops sitting there playing a guitar for what seems to be hours, then putting it back on the shelf and walk away without buying it. For the players that are planning on playing more […]

How To Make A Guitar Case Table

Have you ever wanted to furnish your living room with your old guitar gear? For some of us, that may already be the case since we never have enough storage space for all the gear we want. I recently came across a great idea from for any of those old chipboard guitar cases we’ve […]

Writing Songs With John Hiatt

John Hiatt has been dubbed by some to be a “songwriter’s songwriter.” In fact, his songs have been recorded by many of the top performers in the music industry including B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Bonnie Raitt. I thought it would be fun to take a minute or two and recognize the man behind many […]

Jack White Influenced By Son House

Here in this post I want to share a connection I learned about with you. If you’ve ever seen the rock guitar documentary, “It Might Get Loud,” you already know that Jack White listed his favorite song as “Death Letter” by Son House. It inspired me to think about the connection that musicians make to […]

What Some Guitarists Do With Their Spare Time

I’ve always found it interesting to hear what our guitar icons do in their spare time. It’s true that many guitarists still live in the spotlight, doing whatever they can to get attention, but there are also guitarists that enjoy their time out of the spotlight. And some of their hobbies may be surprising to […]

Kennedy Center Honors Buddy Guy And The Surviving Members Of Led Zeppelin

The Kennedy Center recently honored several entertainers including Dustin Hoffman, David Letterman, and ballerina Natalia Makarova. But also on the list of honorees were the surviving members of the famous rock band, Led Zeppelin, and blues guitarist, Buddy Guy. The fact that these men were honored is a great feat for American music as blues […]