Simple Rock Guitar Lesson With John Jorgenson

If you’ve ever heard of the guitarist John Jorgenson, you probably know he’s a brilliant guitarist known mostly for his work in the gypsy jazz guitar world, but the truth is he has a lot of influence in all sorts of styles of guitar. I came across this great, simple rock guitar lesson from John […]

Dan Tyminski On Playing Bluesgrass Guitar

For many people who aren’t too familiar with bluesgrass music, there’s a good chance they might have enjoyed a taste of that music if they saw the Cohen Brothers movie, “O Brother Where Art Thou.” In the movie, many of the great bluegrass musicians came together to record the film’s soundtrack which would go on […]

A Little Gypsy Guitar Lesson

The Gypsy guitar style has become famous around the world for blazing fast rhythm and lead parts. I’ve spent a lot of time watching videos that offer little tricks for playing Gypsy guitar and there’s always quite a bit of work I need to do before I can get a handle on the style. Needless […]

Sonny Landreth On Playing Slide Guitar

Sonny Landreth has built a solid reputation as one of the premier slide guitar players in recent music history. He’s played with many of the top names in the blues, rock and hybrid groups of the two. He’s even been featured with players like Eric Johnson that showcase some more of the “spacey” side of […]

Influential Jazz Guitarist Joe Pass

One of the great jazz guitarists to make a very large impact on guitarists all around the world was the incredible Joe Pass. I had the pleasure of seeing him play live and it was simply outstanding. Whether he was with an ensemble or playing solo, he was always highly regarded. I found a solo […]

Comping Chords With Freddie Green

One of the better known guitarists from the big band jazz and swing era was Freddie Green. Green was part a vital part of the Count Basie Orchestra, filling out the rhythm section with Jo Jones on drums, Count Basie on piano, and Walter Page on bass. What I find to be so interesting is […]

How To Play Legendary Rock Classic “Mississippi Queen” By Leslie West And Mountain

The band Mountain has gone down in history as writing one of the most classic rock songs, “Mississippi Queen.” Leslie West got much of his fame as the lead guitarist and vocalist for Mountain, and set himself up as one of the greatest rock guitarists in music history. I thought it would be cool to […]

A Cool Little Slap Bass Trick From Victor Wooten

Occasionally I like to give a little bit of love to all the bass players out there and provide a cool video. Fortunately, this lesson from Victor Wooten is something all of us can enjoy as it provides an interesting way to bend harmonics on the bass. There are a lot of great bass players […]

Guitar Shredding From The Pros 101

The electric guitar was worn many different musical masks, if you will, since it made its debut in the music scene. Guitar shredding is viewed as one of the highlights of any hard rock concert and guitarists have developed their own styles of shredding for rock fans around the world. One of the Mike’s Guitar […]

How To Repair A Guitar: Input Jacks And String Height Adjustments

If you’re in need of guitar repair, but don’t want to take it to a pro shop, be sure to do plenty of homework before you dive into it. Guitars can definitely be fixed at home, but a lot can go wrong as well. There are a lot of great resources online you can find […]