Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven

Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven" is one of the most heartfelt songs in his song catalogue. Photo courtesy of

I’d like to leave you this fine Friday with one of the best performances from Eric Clapton Unplugged. His song, “Tears In Heaven,” is beautiful lyrically and musically, and this performance captures the tune so well. It’s one of my personal favorites and, by the amount of people who have seen it on YouTube alone, it’s probably one of the more popular guitar performances in existence. Of all the bands and different styles of music Eric has been a part of, this is the song I keep coming back to time and time again. Sit back and relax while Eric Clapton, considered one of the most popular guitarists in music history, performs one of his most heartfelt songs. Enjoy.

“Tears In Heaven” is considered by many to be one of the most heartfelt songs ever written by one of the greatest guitarists in music history. Enjoy this beautiful performance at

I hope you enjoyed this performance from Eric Clapton. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt song that digs deep lyrically and is accompanied by nice chord changes. The guitar, and the men and women who wield it, is more than just an instrument. It’s a tool with the power to impact so many lives around the world through music.

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