The Hybrid Guitar Styles Of Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson has captivated audiences all around the world with his distinct music style. Photo courtesy of

In celebration of Richard Thompson’s latest CD release, “Electric,” I thought it would be cool to introduce this great guitarist, singer and songwriter here on Mike’s Guitar Talk. Although he has been around for some time, and many of his songs covered by a wealth of musicians, some may not be familiar with Richard Thompson. Thompson seems to create a blend of music styles in his playing including traditional Scottish music, rock and roll, blues and jazz, which in combination with his deep voice and haunting melodies, offer the unique Richard Thompson experience. I collected a few of his performances, featuring an intimate look at his use of hybrid picking in his playing, plus a sneak peek at one of the recordings from his new electric record. All the performances will suck you in, whether you are a fan of his music or not, due to his distinct blend. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I did!

Richard Thompson was one of the performers selected on a live tribute concert to the famed guitarist, singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell. In this video, Thompson performs a beautiful solo rendition of the song, “Woodstock,” available at

Next, we are able to get very intimate with Richard Thompson in another solo acoustic performance, but this time from a couch in what seems to be his living room. Enjoy his tune, “1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” at

Lastly, I promised a sneak peek at his recent CD release, “Electric.” Richard is on tour now appearing all over the world with his new electric trio. Check out this track from the new album called, “Good Things Happen To Bad People,” at

I hope you enjoyed this distinct musical styles of the great Richard Thompson. He is still touring and releasing new material for his fans all around the world to enjoy. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to learn more about other great guitarists in music history.

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  1. Guy Hufferd says:

    Loved RT for a long time. His guitar virtuosity and tone is matched only by his songwriting skills. Check out “Mr. Stupid”, “Keep Your Distance” and the classic ballad “Dimming Of The Day.” Thanks for posting.

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