Steve Lukather And Glen Campbell Together In Studio

Steve Lukather and Glen Campbell sat down together to play a little and share a few good stories.

Every once in a while, we are offered a behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest guitarists to take the stage. And sometimes we get even more lucky and see a younger guitarist talking with one of his guitar heroes. In this case I stumbled upon an interview sometime ago with Steve Lukather and Glen Campbell. Even though they never met before the interview, as Steve claims, he was always a big fan of Glen’s guitar playing so it’s cool to see them both sitting together talking, jamming, and sharing stories. The coolest guitarists are the ones that enjoy spending time together and sharing what they know. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!

Steve Lukather and Glen Campbell sat down together in a short interview where they played and shared stories. It’s a cool interview that I thought you would dig, so check it out at

I hope you enjoyed seeing these two great guitar players having such a good time together. I dig the camaraderie between the two and hope that more guitarists at their level can get together and have such a good connection. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to hear more stories from some of the guitar legends in music history.

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