Simple Rock Guitar Lesson With John Jorgenson

John Jorgenson is known primarily is a gypsy jazz guitarist, but also has some good advice for aspiring rock guitarists.

If you’ve ever heard of the guitarist John Jorgenson, you probably know he’s a brilliant guitarist known mostly for his work in the gypsy jazz guitar world, but the truth is he has a lot of influence in all sorts of styles of guitar. I came across this great, simple rock guitar lesson from John where he talks about one of the guitar companies he uses quite a bit and some easy tips for aspiring rock guitarists that you can take right to the stage. John’s teaching style is simple and relaxed, making him a great player to learn from, and even in this short lesson he covers quite a bit of ground for all of us to enjoy. I hope you dig watching the lesson as much as I did!

Although John Jorgenson is known mostly for his gypsy guitar skills, he comes off great in this short rock guitar lesson for Guitarist Magazine. Check it out here for some cool rock guitar tips at

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