Shredding Guitarist Randy Rhoads With Ozzy Osbourne

Randy Rhoads was one of the greatest rock guitarists in music history. Photo courtesy of

One of the greatest talents the rock music industry ever saw was Randy Rhoads. Randy achieved his fame as a member of Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot. He was one of the greatest riff men in rock music, pioneering some of the most popular guitar riffs fans ever heard. Plus he could play a pretty ripping solo too. Unfortunately, we lost Randy too young at the age of 25 in a severe plane crash. But his music lives on in the thoughts of fans all around the world. There are a lot of players who have tried to sound like Randy Rhoads, but the truth is he was one of a kind. I wanted to share some of his talent with you in this video I came across of him playing “Crazy Train” with Ozzy Osbourne on a TV show. The video and audio quality are both good and the guitar playing is burning. The organization that shared the video, kidsTeachGuitar2kids, offers a great service of guitar lessons for kids. I hope you enjoy listening to the band as much as I did!

“Crazy Train” was one of Ozzy’s biggest hit songs, and much of that credit should go to Randy Rhoads for playing some killer guitar on it. Check out this cool performance of the song at

Randy Rhoads and Ozzy Osbourne have gone down in music history as one of the greatest rock duos. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to learn more more hit guitarists from a variety of music decades and styles.

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