New Eric Clapton Record Released Called “Old Sock”

Eric Clapton just released a new album called, "Old Sock." Photo courtesy of

One of our favorite guitarists just released a brand new album filled with easy going tunes from a wide array of influences. All I can tell is this must have been an album Eric released for himself. His playing and singing on the record is just as good as ever and he sounds like he had a great time making the album. The lineup is filled with a lot of the big names in the music industry which happen to be good friend’s of Eric’s over the years and most of the songs were written by somebody else. That might be a good clue that Eric wanted to release a record filled with songs he enjoys playing and listening to. The track I wanted to share with you from the album is my personal favorite and it’s called “Gotta Get Over.” According to the album credits, the song was written by Doyle Bramhall II, Nikki Costa and Justin Stanley, but Eric makes it his own. I hope you enjoy the track and check out this fun record from Eric Clapton.

The album, “Old Sock,” the new release from Eric Clapton, features some of the best names in the music business have a good ol’ time on the record. Enjoy one of the tracks from the album, and my personal favorite, “Gotta Get Over,” at

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