Joe Bonamassa Live Cover Of Blind Faith’s “Had To Cry Today”

Joe Bonamassa has produced a lot of great covers including Blind Faith's "Had To Cry Today." Photo courtesy of

Joe Bonamassa has played a lot of different music styles during his career. That’s the nice thing about being free in the music world. He’s able to play the music he wants to play and his fans take it all in every time he comes out with something new. Today’s post is a simple one. I found this performance from the Joe Bonamassa trio covering the classic Blind Faith tune “Had To Cry Today” and just had to share. It’s a rocking live version of the song and the trio is on fire. This performance was from a while back, when the music was true and everything was turned up loud.

The Joe Bonamassa trio closed a show a while back with the classic Blind Faith song, “Had To Cry Today.” Check out this rocking live version at

I hope you dug this live, extended version of the classic Blind Faith tune, “Had To Cry Today.” Joe Bonamassa has put out a lot of different records with a lot of different music styles, so if you’re thinking about checking out more I would definitely encourage you to do so. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk for more guitarist features just like Joe Bonamassa.

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