Jeff Beck’s Latest Band Is Out Of This World

Jeff Beck brought in one of the most popular bass players in the business, Tal Wilkenfeld. Photo courtesy of

Jeff Beck has always been in a musical land of his own; always producing great stuff that can’t be considered mainstream but is followed by a worldwide fan base. Beck’s latest group he has been on the road with is a powerhouse quartet featuring popular drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, bass phenom Tal Wilkenfeld, and keyboardist Jason Robello. The quartet recorded a live concert at the club Ronnie Scott’s in the UK so now we can all enjoy their stellar musicianship online. I picked one of the more complex tunes out of the set, “Scatterbrain,” to share with you today. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!

Jeff Beck has put together a powerhouse quartet in his latest touring band. Check out the group in action at

There is plenty more footage available online from this concert and other shows they’ve played together so I encourage you to dig into it all and check it out. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to hear from more of the top guitarists in the industry.

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