Jammin’ With Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery was one of the early pioneers of the jazz guitar.

One of the greatest early pioneers of the jazz guitar was definitely Wes Montgomery. His tasteful playing and unique style of playing the guitar, using only his thumb in his right hand, must have been really something to see live. Fortunately there is footage from some of his live performances for all of us to enjoy, including this concert I found from Holland in 1965. Wes, and the jazz group backing him up, play brilliantly in this half hour concert. The sound and video are very high quality as well, so it was a very enjoyable experience for me. I just reclined in my chair and enjoyed the whole concert. I hope you’ll do the same once you hit play.

Wes Montgomery recorded and filmed a live concert in Holland in 1965 with pianist Pim Jacobs, bassist Ruud Jacobs, and drummer Han Bennink. The concert was filmed and sounded great, plus the musicianship is top notch all the way around. Make sure you turn up your volume so you can hear the banter from Wes between tunes. Enjoy the concert at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krE3s3XY1P0.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from one of the great pioneers of the jazz guitar, Wes Montgomery. It makes me so happy that people with access to this unique footage of taken the time to share videos like these for all of us to enjoy. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to hear more special concerts from some of the greatest guitarists in music history.

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