Guitar Effects Walkthrough With Jazz Guitarist Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell has amazed audiences around the world with his guitar and effects. Photo courtesy of

There are endless possibilities of guitar effects due to the thousands and thousands of effects pedals and processors available for the guitar. And while all these possibilities exist, many jazz guitarists don’t take advantage of them to create their sounds. There are a few though, who constantly experiment with new effects like Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell. I’m not going to go into Pat Metheny’s playing today, you can find some of his performances here at Mike’s Guitar Talk, but will introduce jazz guitarist Bill Frisell today. Frisell has become a widely acclaimed guitarist since his introduction in the 1980s and is known now for his world of guitar effects. With a guitar and a few pedals, he can create unique atmospheres in his solo performances and some of the most interesting combinations of musicians in his small groups. Today I found a solo performance from Frisell to share and a great video from Fretboard Journal shot in his house with his effects. Both videos offer a glimpse into Bill’s unique sound and guitar effects. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Bill Frisell has performed with some of the most popular names in jazz music, but he has also put together a unique solo performance. Enjoy this solo performance of the song, “Shenandoah,” at

Next, Bill Frisell joined with Fretboard Journal to produce a rare video from his house with a closeup look at some of the effects he uses in performance. Check it out now at

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