Alvin Lee, Beloved Guitarist Of Ten Years After, Passes Away At 68

Alvin Lee was the guitarist and singer for the Woodstock 1969 success Ten Years After. Photo courtesy of

We lost one of our favorite guitarists last week in Alvin Lee. Alvin fronted the British rock band Ten Years After, who had their breakthrough performance in front of thousands of fans at Woodstock 1969. The performance marked a turning point in the band’s history and Alvin secured his spot in music history as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. I wanted to celebrate his life and music by sharing an article from the Los Angeles Times, featuring some of the band’s history and fame, plus the performance that launched it all at Woodstock 1969. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I did!

The Los Angeles Times published a cool article about Alvin’s music and life with Ten Years After, plus some insight on the band’s rise to fame. See the full article at,0,2836455.story.

At the Woodstock music festival in 1969, the British blues-rock band Ten Years After burst onto the U.S. music scene with a searing rendition of “I’m Going Home” featuring the fleet-fingered Alvin Lee whaling away on guitar.

When the “Woodstock” documentary was released the next year, the band’s 11-minute version of the song — and Lee’s guitar virtuosity — were regarded as a highlight. His speedy, taut playing would earn him the unofficial title of “the fastest guitar in the West.”

Lee, who also was a singer-songwriter and later pursued a solo career, died Wednesday in Spain following complications from routine surgery, said his manager, Ron Rainey. He was 68.

The “Woodstock” movie also marked the beginning of the end for Ten Years After.

The band’s performance at Woodstock 1969 amazed the thousands of people in attendance. You can check it out now from the film “Woodstock” at

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit more from Alvin Lee and Ten Years After. He will be missed be guitar fans all around the world. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to stay current with the latest and greatest news featuring the guitar.

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