Sonny Landreth On Playing Slide Guitar

Sonny Landreth has become well known as one of the premier slide guitarists in the music industry. Photo courtesy of

Sonny Landreth has built a solid reputation as one of the premier slide guitar players in recent music history. He’s played with many of the top names in the blues, rock and hybrid groups of the two. He’s even been featured with players like Eric Johnson that showcase some more of the “spacey” side of the slide guitar. Well I thought it would be cool to share a few videos featuring Sonny and his stellar slide guitar chops. The first video features a slide guitar lesson with Sonny for Guitarist Magazine. Fortunately we can all dig into some of the tricks Sonny has made his own with this video lesson. Then it’s tough for me to produce a post with a guitarist as good as Sonny Landreth without posting a video of him playing. I found a video featuring a live performance with the great band, Gov’t Mule, that I think you’ll dig. I hope you enjoy this all as much as I did!

We’re lucky to have access to guitar lessons from some of the greats. Sonny sat down for Guitarist Magazine to produced this slide guitar lesson featuring some more of his “spacey” licks. Check it out at

Next, I can’t leave a post about Sonny without featuring him on the slide guitar on stage. Check out this performance with the great band Gov’t Mule at

I hope you enjoyed learning from and listening to the great Sonny Landreth. He’s definitely a good teacher if you’re interested in learning to play the slide guitar. It’s a pretty different style from standard guitar playing and tuning, but it sounds just as cool as the guitar. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to learn more from some of the guitar greats in the music industry. There are many more lessons posted on the blog so feel free to dive into them.

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