New Ways To Get Your Recording Project Off And Running

Online fundraising is one of the popular new methods of getting the money to launch a new album.

So I’ve had several musician friends try to get their new recording projects funded by running online fundraisers. At first I was pretty skeptical of it, but then I turned around and gave them some money myself. So I wanted to dig a little deeper into the idea and share some of the information I found with you in case you are in a position to really make this idea work. I found an article from Ultimate Guitar, which was basically written to answer the questions I had about online fundraising. The article touches on two of the main fundraising services online, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, which was awesome because most of the people I know were using Kickstarter. I shared a bit of the article below to give you an introduction to the basic concept of online fundraising with these services, but you can find the entire article at the provided link. I hope you enjoy checking out the services and really learn something about this new idea of fundraising for your next music project.

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are two of the primary online fundraising services available to those of us interested in launching our new projects. I shared a little bit from the article below, but you should really check out the full article at

Crowdfunding has become a serious way to raise funds four your next album project.

We’ve reported on bands like Protest The Hero who have raised over $340,000 towards their new album recording. While we’re not all in their position of having three full-length albums on a big label and a huge international audience to make donations, it’s still completely possible to raise the relatively small amount it takes to record a great album from your local music community.

If you decide to take the crowd funding route, what do you need to do?

Figure out how much you need to raise.

It’s time to stack up those costs. The big one is recording, but don’t forget mixing and mastering which are just as important. Then there’s CD duplication and artwork, and you’ll need a little extra for digital distribution using a service like CD Baby or Tunecore. You might want to look at advertising costs, either in magazines or online like Google or Facebook. And then, because budgets never work out, add some more.

If you can keep those costs down, you’ll have a better shot at raising 100% of the funds.

Pick a crowd funding platform

The two big ones are Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Kickstarter is better known and has just released an iOS app which will help bring extra traffic to your page, but if you don’t raise 100% of the funds then you lose it all. IndieGoGo has a big presence outside of the US, and lets you keep the funds even if you don’t raise the full amount.

These are just two of the new options available to up and coming bands hoping to see their next music projects come to fruition. There are plenty more ways to get your music noticed, so be sure to subscribe to Mike’s Guitar Talk now to have access for a huge amount of ideas direct from the music industry.

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