How To Make A Guitar Case Table

It's time to put some of that old gear to good use. Try making a guitar case table!

Have you ever wanted to furnish your living room with your old guitar gear? For some of us, that may already be the case since we never have enough storage space for all the gear we want. I recently came across a great idea from for any of those old chipboard guitar cases we’ve been keeping around for a rainy day. The idea is to build a coffee table using a guitar case. For those of us who have enjoyed the guitar for so many years, this idea can be made a reality in just a few simple steps. I wanted to share the concept with you in case this is what you’ve been waiting to put in that empty space in the living room. Enjoy! hosted the concept created by user knife141 for everyone to enjoy. From what I can tell, it’s a simple process using a few materials and you can use that old guitar case of yours effectively. Check out the whole process, start to finish, at

I was wandering around in a tag sale one day and came across an old chipboard guitar case, which seemed like the perfect candidate for an unusual table.  So, I headed to my shop with my $5 purchase and got to work.

Step 1: Materials & Tools Required

The materials I used were:

– an old chipboard guitar case
– 3 metal conduit couplers
– an 8′ section of metal electrical conduit
– epoxy glue
– a piece of scrap mdf board (roughly the length & width of the guitar case)
– scrap 1×2 pieces of pine
– screws
– primer & paint

The tools used were:

– drill and bits
– screwdriver
– jig saw

With these tools and materials, you’re well on your way to creating that authentic guitar case table you never even knew you wanted before now. Visit the link above for all the steps to create this piece of furniture submitted by user knife141 at Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to learn more fun ways to use your old guitar gear.

Thanks and stay tuned!


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