A Little Gypsy Guitar Lesson

Gypsy guitar has become popular all around the world.

The Gypsy guitar style has become famous around the world for blazing fast rhythm and lead parts. I’ve spent a lot of time watching videos that offer little tricks for playing Gypsy guitar and there’s always quite a bit of work I need to do before I can get a handle on the style. Needless to say, I’ve still got my work cut out for me. In all that time spent checking out this cool style, I came across a short lesson that explains how to play one of the common Gypsy guitar backbeats. It’s a rhythmic figure that, even if you aren’t interested in playing this style, will help your timing and rhythmic control tremendously. I hope you enjoy the video lesson as much as I did!

Andreas Oberg of www.andreasguitaruniverse.com shared a short video lesson on playing a Gypsy guitar backbeat. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ajIJnu7Xs.

I hope you enjoyed this short lesson. It may sound easy when Andreas is playing it, but I guarantee you it will take some rehearsal time to really get comfortable with the figure. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to learn more about other popular guitar styles.

Thanks and stay tuned for more!


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