What Some Guitarists Do With Their Spare Time

Angus Young enjoys painting landscapes in his down time. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

I’ve always found it interesting to hear what our guitar icons do in their spare time. It’s true that many guitarists still live in the spotlight, doing whatever they can to get attention, but there are also guitarists that enjoy their time out of the spotlight. And some of their hobbies may be surprising to you. I recently found an article at music radar that highlights ten interesting hobbies from some of the most influential guitarists in rock music. Who would have thought that Angus Young of the hit rock band AC/DC enjoys painting landscapes in his free time? Enjoy.

Music Radar produced a list of ten interesting hobbies picked up by some of the most influential guitarists in rock music history. See all ten of the guitarists and their hobbies at http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/10-guitar-hero-hobbies-569642.

Angus Young

After duck-walking, writhing and feigning electrocution, AC/DC’s 57-year- old schoolboy retires from stage to hotel room for a more conservative pursuit. Landscapes are his speciality, but as Young once said: “I’ll have a crack at anything. I’ve even been given a paint brush and told to do a little bit of wall painting.”

Now that you know one of Young’s hobbies outside of the spotlight, can you really watch him in this video the same way? See him in action on stage at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWCQ8CAKNtY.

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