Influential Jazz Guitarist Joe Pass

Joe Pass was a remarkable jazz guitarist. Photo courtesy of

One of the great jazz guitarists to make a very large impact on guitarists all around the world was the incredible Joe Pass. I had the pleasure of seeing him play live and it was simply outstanding. Whether he was with an ensemble or playing solo, he was always highly regarded. I found a solo performance of the famous song, “Summertime,” that I think you’ll really enjoy. Plus, Joe recorded a series of guitar lessons where he shares some of his thoughts about playing guitar and in this instance specifically playing the blues. Lastly, I thought you might enjoy hearing Joe in a group setting so I shared a performance with the mighty Oscar Peterson on piano and his group performing a tune called, “Cakewalk.” I hope you enjoy all these videos as much as I did!

Joe Pass performed a beautiful solo rendition of the famous song, “Summertime.” Hear it here at

Joe Pass also played a little bit of the blues and talks about the style in this guitar lesson video. Unfortunately the video blacks out a few times during the lesson, but what it provided should help many aspiring blues guitar players. Check it out here at

Lastly, I found an awesome performance featuring Joe on guitar and Oscar Peterson on piano with Oscar’s quartet. Joe’s guitar is a little hard to hear, but it’s definitely there and he’s playing some tasty stuff. Check it out at

I hope you enjoyed all this great content from the legendary jazz guitarist Joe Pass. He has been an influence on me and a lot of other guitarists all around the world. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to learn more about other great guitarists that have made a large impact on music history.

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