How To Repair A Guitar: Input Jacks And String Height Adjustments

Guitar repair is essential for every guitarist, whether you plan on working on guitars at home or having a professional look at them.

If you’re in need of guitar repair, but don’t want to take it to a pro shop, be sure to do plenty of homework before you dive into it. Guitars can definitely be fixed at home, but a lot can go wrong as well. There are a lot of great resources online you can find to help answer questions you may have about guitar repair including videos from eHow. I collected a couple of eHow videos featuring guitar repair technicians offering step by step lessons in fixing guitars. The two videos I shared below offer tips on fixing the guitar input jack and making adjustments to string height on a guitar. I hope you enjoy watching the videos, learn something from them, and see if any of these tips will be useful to you for your guitars.

The input jack on a guitar is a pretty easy fix, which is nice since the jacks can go wrong more often than not. Check out this step by step tutorial on fixing a guitar input jack at

Next, another common correction that guitarists make is adjusting the height of the strings on a guitar. This tutorial teaches how to make these adjustments on a Fender Strat and perform a setup to do so. Check it out at

I hope you enjoyed learning more about making these small adjustments to the guitar. Hopefully you’ll be able to tailor your guitars to your own playing style. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk for more tips on guitar repair.

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