How To Play Legendary Rock Classic “Mississippi Queen” By Leslie West And Mountain

Leslie West plays with as much fire today as he did years ago. Photo courtesy of

The band Mountain has gone down in history as writing one of the most classic rock songs, “Mississippi Queen.” Leslie West got much of his fame as the lead guitarist and vocalist for Mountain, and set himself up as one of the greatest rock guitarists in music history. I thought it would be cool to share a couple of videos featuring on original performance of the song and Leslie teaching you the famous guitar riff himself. The riff may sound simple at first, but if you get it down with the right feel then it will treat you right on stage. Sit back and enjoy the ferocious riff and fiery vocals from Leslie West of Mountain.

Here’s an original performance from Mountain featuring their great single, “Mississippi Queen.” Check it out at

I was fortunate to happen upon a guitar lesson from Leslie West himself explaining how to play the legendary riff. Enjoy it here at

I hope you enjoyed learning how to play the great guitar riff from “Mississippi Queen.” Leslie West is still killing it on stage with his guitar and vocals. In fact he just recently recorded a track with Joe Bonamassa called “Third Degree” which is an old blues song. He nailed it. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk for more lessons from the greatest guitarists in the business.

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