Guitar Shredding From The Pros 101

Eddie Van Halen was known as one of the most influential guitar shredders in music history. Photo courtesy of

The electric guitar was worn many different musical masks, if you will, since it made its debut in the music scene. Guitar shredding is viewed as one of the highlights of any hard rock concert and guitarists have developed their own styles of shredding for rock fans around the world. One of the Mike’s Guitar Talk subscribers shared a video with me today featuring some of the trademark riffs and styles from some of the most influential rock guitar shredders in the business. The guitarist has definitely done his homework on famous rock guitar shredders and shares his notes on guitar riffs with all of us. If playing like some of these heavy rock guitar shredders, then this video is worth watching!

This is a pretty long video, but well worth it if you’re interested in playing like some of the most famous rock guitar shredders in the music business. Check it out at

I hope you enjoyed learning more about some of these great rock guitar shredders. He has some great tips about this style of playing. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk for more guitar lessons in a variety of music styles.

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