Comping Chords With Freddie Green

Freddie Green has been written into the jazz history books as one of the best jazz chord compers.

One of the better known guitarists from the big band jazz and swing era was Freddie Green. Green was part a vital part of the Count Basie Orchestra, filling out the rhythm section with Jo Jones on drums, Count Basie on piano, and Walter Page on bass. What I find to be so interesting is that Freddie was never a flashy player, but he still is respected of his peers and generations of guitarists. He was a guitarist that felt most comfortable comping simple chord changes in a big band and rarely took any solos. Still though, many jazz guitarists look back at Freddie Green as one of the comping masters and rightfully so. I came across a video that featuring a recording from the Basie big band performing “The Elder,” with one of Green’s rare comping solos in it. Plus, there’s a cool little guitar lesson in the second video that features some tips for comping like Freddie Green. I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did!

Count Basie and his orchestra recorded a song called, “The Elder,” that featured a comping solo from Freddie Green. These are pretty rare, so have a listen now at

I came across a short video lesson that offers some tips on comping chord changes like Freddie Green. Check it out now at

I hope you enjoyed these videos featuring the simple style of Freddie Green. His chord comping has gone down in the jazz history books as some of the best. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk for more lessons and recordings from the best guitarists in music history.

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