A Cool Little Slap Bass Trick From Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten is always coming up with new tricks on the bass. Photo couresty of Wikipedia.org

Occasionally I like to give a little bit of love to all the bass players out there and provide a cool video. Fortunately, this lesson from Victor Wooten is something all of us can enjoy as it provides an interesting way to bend harmonics on the bass. There are a lot of great bass players in the music industry and Victor Wooten is definitely one of them. I’m always amazed at the new licks and tricks he comes up with for his comping and his solos. In this lesson, he talks about a subtle harmonic he plays while he is slapping the bass. It’s a killer little trick and I assure you that if you can get it down you’re going to turn a lot of heads in the audience. Enjoy!

Victor Wooten sat down with a small masterclass of bass players and his friend and fellow bassist Anthony Wellington. Check out this short lesson featuring the slap harmonico at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY1Qv_8fui4.

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