Rory Hoffman And Richard Smith Astonish The Audience At String Fever Concert In Nashville

Richard Smith, seen above, was part of a duo with Rory Hoffman at the String Fever concert in Nashville. Photo courtesy of

Vince Gill recently hosted a concert in celebration of the guitar in Nashville called Sting Fever. There were many virtuosic guitar acts on that stage, some known and others not so known, but all wonderful guitar players. One of the acts that caused an unsuspected standing ovation was Rory Hoffman and Richard Smith. Rory is a relatively unknown name in the local Nashville music scene and Richard Smith is a talented finger picking guitarist in the style of Chet Atkins. I came across an article about the concert that will fill you in on more of the details. Also I found a video of the duo’s performance to share as well. Enjoy!

Rory Hoffman and Richard Smith was just one of the acts that amazed the audience at the String Fever concert in Nashville. Here’s an article about the event at

Then Rory Hoffman and Richard Smith came on, charged with following a legend and well-aware that the majority of the crowd was wondering, “Who are Rory Hoffman and Richard Smith?”

Well, Richard Smith is a finger-picking virtuoso, in the Chet Atkins mold. And Hoffman is a blind multi-instrumentalist who often plays local venues and who happens to have re-imagined the way that a guitar can be played. He lays it in his lap, plays it overhand, kind of like a piano, and finds fluidity, chordal voicings and textures that Keith Urban has called “frighteningly original.”

Hoffman and Smith drew spontaneous applause mid-song in “Autumn Leaves,” transforming an old war horse into something new and gorgeous, and drawing a standing ovation and subsequent encore.

“I’m so glad I write songs,” Gill said after Hoffman and Smith exited. “I just went and told every guitar player back there, ‘We’ve been doing it wrong all these years.’ ”

Hoffman was the evening’s shocker for many in the audience, but there was nothing anti-climactic about the performances that followed.

I found a clip from the show featuring Rory and Richard. The sound came out very well so enjoy it at

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