Kennedy Center Honors Buddy Guy And The Surviving Members Of Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are two of the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin to receive an honor from the Kennedy Center. Photo courtesy of

The Kennedy Center recently honored several entertainers including Dustin Hoffman, David Letterman, and ballerina Natalia Makarova. But also on the list of honorees were the surviving members of the famous rock band, Led Zeppelin, and blues guitarist, Buddy Guy. The fact that these men were honored is a great feat for American music as blues and rock are at its core. I thought you might want to read a little more about the honorees, so I included an article from CNN about the event and the members in attendance. I also thought it would be cool to include a few video performances of each music act as well. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I did!

The honorees at the Kennedy Center were proud to be recognized for their accomplishments. I found it inspiring that music was honored by the inclusion of blues guitarist Buddy Guy and the three surviving members of the band, Led Zeppelin. See the full article about the event from CNN at

The audience Sunday night will also feel the rhythm in performances honoring blues legend Buddy Guy. Born into a Louisiana sharecropper family, Guy eventually made Chicago his home at the peak of the blues era in the Windy City. And with his distinct guitar sound, the six-time Grammy Award winner helped pioneer the electric blues with other legends including Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf.

“From picking cotton in the field to picking a guitar in the White House, that is a long ways man,” Guy told reporters at the Kennedy Center.

The president called Guy “one of the last guardians of the great American blues.”

And the stage will continue to rock in a tribute to John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant — the three surviving members of the band Led Zeppelin. Famed drummer John Bonham passed away in 1980.

Having sold more than 100 million albums in the United States alone, the British band has churned out a number of classics, including “Whole Lotta Love,” “Thank You,” and the enduring song: “Stairway to Heaven.”

Though thanking the group for “making us all feel young,” Obama took the liberty of joking about the trio during his remarks in the East Room, noting how the group redefined “the rock and roll lifestyle.”

“There were some hotel rooms trashed, mayhem all around,” the president said. “So it is fitting that we are doing this in a room with windows three inches thick.”

“So guys, settle down, these paintings are valuable,” Obama joked.

Asked on the red carpet if part of him wanted to get on stage and join the tribute, Plant said, “Absolutely.”

“I’ve always got a little bit of agitation in me,” he continued. “That’s what keeps me going. But I’m not going to show anybody how to do it.”

Led Zeppelin has achieved greatness in music history. One of their most popular songs is “Stairway To Heaven.” Here’s some live footage featuring a performance from the group from the DVD “The Song Remains The Same.” Check it out at

Buddy Guy was another honoree from the Kennedy Center which was a great compliment to blues music and musicians all around the world. Check out Buddy Guy in concert performing the classic song, “Sweet Home Chicago,” at

It’s pretty awesome to see such talented musicians go home with the prestigious Kennedy Center honors. Subscribe now to Mike’s Guitar Talk to learn more about all the latest and greatest news about the guitar.

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