The Next Generation Of Guitarist With Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson is one of the talented new guitarists to make an appearance on the music scene. Photo courtesy of

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce a new guitarist out of Australia that’s been playing some very cool stuff.  I was just recently told about Joe Robinson and after I checked him out, it seemed like a great idea to share a few of his videos with you.  There aren’t guitar lessons in this post, just some great performances by Joe Robinson.  I even found a video of a performance with guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, also a great guitar talent out of Australia.  I hope you enjoy all the videos as much as I did, and definitely stay on the look out for rising guitar star Joe Robinson.

The first video features an original song by Joe Robinson called “Lethal Injection.”  This video steps into the studio with his trio during the recording process for a private show.  Check it out at

I really enjoyed this next video that features a live show with Joe Robinson and harmonica player, Pat Bergeson.  Check out a great version of the duet playing, “Guitar Boogie,” at

Next, Joe Robinson plays with the great guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel.  Hear a killer rendition of the song, “Classical Gas,” by the very talented duet at

The last video features a new original song by Joe Robinson called “Out Alive,” and is currently off his first album, “Let Me Introduce You.”  Hear the very cool groove at

Joe Robinson already has a lot of videos on Youtube so I encourage you to keep on searching out more of his videos.  Guitar World even did a few exclusive videos that feature Joe Robinson in the teacher seat offering advice to guitarists.  I hope you enjoyed the post because I had a great time making it for you.  Stay tuned for more soon!



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