Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven

I’d like to leave you this fine Friday with one of the best performances from Eric Clapton Unplugged. His song, “Tears In Heaven,” is beautiful lyrically and musically, and this performance captures the tune so well. It’s one of my personal favorites and, by the amount of people who have seen it on YouTube alone, […]

Happy Birthday, Muddy Waters

On this day in music history, April 4th 1913, Muddy Waters was born into this world. He would become one of the greatest influences on guitar players all around the world and one of the men to popularize the electric blues. Musicians in all different styles of music have claimed that Muddy has been a […]

John Mayer Meets The Blues

We can all probably remember John Mayer breaking onto the scene with the blessing of the blues legend, B.B. King, but there’s no questioning the fact that John found a lot of success and popularity when he made the transition over to his pop sound. And while he produced a lot of cool stuff there, […]

Slide Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter And Self-Proclaimed Adventurer Martin Harley

One of the guitarists I’ve been getting into more and more lately has been Martin Harley. I saw him at a show recently with Delta Rae and ZZ Ward; the show was not only great, but I felt Martin was the standout of the three. He just came out with his slide guitar and vocals, […]

How To Fly On A Plane With Your Guitar And Guarantee Its Survival

More recently, we’ve all been hearing tragic stories of guitars being damaged by airline companies  because sites like YouTube have made it really easy to spread news all over the globe. But the truth is, it’s been happening ever since guitarists started flying in commercial planes. So what are some of the things you can […]

Jammin’ With Wes Montgomery

One of the greatest early pioneers of the jazz guitar was definitely Wes Montgomery. His tasteful playing and unique style of playing the guitar, using only his thumb in his right hand, must have been really something to see live. Fortunately there is footage from some of his live performances for all of us to […]

Simple Rock Guitar Lesson With John Jorgenson

If you’ve ever heard of the guitarist John Jorgenson, you probably know he’s a brilliant guitarist known mostly for his work in the gypsy jazz guitar world, but the truth is he has a lot of influence in all sorts of styles of guitar. I came across this great, simple rock guitar lesson from John […]

Helping To Keep The British Blues Alive With The Matt Schofield Trio

The Matt Schofield Trio has turned a lot of heads from fans of the blues, jazz, fusion, and simply guitar fans all around the world. This guitar/organ/drum trio has taken the conventional “power trio” and given it a twist with the Hammond Organ player playing the bass part and harmony. Currently the core lineup in […]

Jeff Beck’s Latest Band Is Out Of This World

Jeff Beck has always been in a musical land of his own; always producing great stuff that can’t be considered mainstream but is followed by a worldwide fan base. Beck’s latest group he has been on the road with is a powerhouse quartet featuring popular drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, bass phenom Tal Wilkenfeld, and keyboardist Jason […]

Jazz Bassist And Vocalist Esperanza Spalding

Occasionally here at Mike’s Guitar Talk I like to cover an artist proficient on our cousin instrument, the bass. In this case, not only am I featuring a great electric bass player, but also an upright bassist and extremely good singer. And to go even further, she’s playing a writing parts where she’s playing bass […]